Dale Earnhardt Jr Auctions Ride In #88 At Lowes Motor Speedway

By: Keith Bloemendaal

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., driver of the No. 88 National Guard/AMP Energy Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, is collaborating with Wrangler in a charity auction bid on ebay.com. The winner of the bid will get to ride with Earnhardt, Jr. for three laps around Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. The winner will also receive free lessons from the Richard Petty Driving Experience. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp.
Other items available for bid include the door panel from the No. 88 car that was driven in the Auto Club Speedway race in Fontana earlier this year, and a pair of jeans worn and autographed by the driver. The door panel is scratched since Earnhardt, Jr. was involved in a crash in that race.

Anyone interested can bid for any of the prizes at this link.

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