Dale Earnhardt Junior WINS Michigan!

Dale Earnhardt Junior WINS Michigan!

Wow, what an exciting nail biting end of a race! Fuel mileage was the determining factor, that and Tony Eury Jr's strategy and Dale Earnhardt Jr's driving...

The in-car video showing Dale Jr during the Green White Checker Caution shutting the car engine off to coast behind the pace car and then starting the engine up for a second or two to maintain speed was simply enthralling to watch. The tension which must have been in the pit and in the car was palpable on the television screen. (Note - I was personally very impressed with Kyle Petty as a TNT Television commentator, that was the best call of a NASCAR race on TNT I have enjoyed in years!)

When the Green White Checker flew and the last two lap restart was launched, it seemed as though Dale Junior had no chance to maintain the lead. The pack was piled up behind him but somehow Dale Junior found some fuel and some horses in the #88 and pulled out ahead. He maintained the lead and with a last lap caution, it helped him keep the lead to the end.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Junior

Congratulations DALE Junior! Congratulations Rick Hendrick!