FavoriteTeamWear asks: Would the Points Race Be Different Without Chase Points?

After watching Kyle Busch fall to 12th in Sprint Cup Chase points over the last 2 weeks, I can't help but wonder where the chasers would be without the Chase setup. I did some research on this, and found that the points race would be different.

Chase Points After Dover:

Rank Driver Points Behind Leader
1 Carl Edwards 5390 -------
2 Jimmie Johnson 5380 -10
3 Greg Biffle 5380 -10
4 Jeff Burton 5308 -82
5 Kevin Harvick 5289 -101
6 Clint Bowyer 5284 -106
7 Tony Stewart 5277 -113
8 Jeff Gordon 5272 -118
9 Dale Earnhardt Jr 5261 -129
10 Matt Kenseth 5123 -167
11 Denny Hamlin 5197 -193
12 Kyle Busch 5180 -210

While I believe everyone in the Chase still has a chance to win the Championship, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin really need to get their acts together to get there.

Dale Earnhardt Jr has fallen significantly, but still has a chance if he can win Talledega and Texas, which he historically runs well at for both.

All in all, the Sprint Chase For The Cup is still up for grabs, and any of the teams still have a chance to win it, or to throw it away.

In contrast, let us look at the points if there was no Chase Points:

Rank Driver Points Behind Leader
1 Carl Edwards 4011 ----
2 Kyle Busch 3978 -33
3 Jimmie Johnson 3916 -95
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr 3739 -272
5 Jeff Burton 3682 -329
6 Greg Biffle 3660 -351
7 Kevin Harvick 3572 -439
8 Tony Stewart 3562 -449
9 Jeff Gordon 3493 -518
10 Denny Hamlin 3422 -589
11 Clint Bowyer 3390 -621
12 Matt Kenseth 3355 -656

As you can see, this would be a much different chase, had the points not been realigned with 10 races to go. It would only be a 3 car race at this point, a Ford, a Toyota, and a Chevrolet. Also, three teams: Rousch, Gibbs, and Hendrick.

Kyle Busch would obviously be in better shape.

Looking at the top three, Jimmie Johnson would have more work to do to win a historical Championship for him (3 in a row). Kyle Busch would only be 33 points behind leader Carl Edwards, showing the benefits of having such a strong season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, and everyone behind him could almost be counted out, making it a three car race.

I can't help but wonder, is the Chase For The Cup really more exciting, or is it unfair to those having raced so well all season, only to fall back from 1st to 12th after 2 races.

What do you think? Is the Chase setup better?

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