Greg Biffle Wins 2008 Sprint Cup!

By: Keith Bloemendaal

Okay, Biffle didn't win the Cup. He did win the 1st race in the Chase for the Cup. He came out of nowhere. Who is picking Greg Biffle to win the Cup?

I would be willing to bet that unless you are a Biffle or Rousch fan, you didn't even know he was in the Chase.

Greg Biffle was sandbagging in the #16 Rousch/Fenway Ford. Late in the race, He passed Jimmie Johnson, and what looked to be effortlessly, won the race at Louden, New Hampshire. Biffle is smart, and I would bet he was sandbagging for the finish, conserving tires and fuel.

I say he was sandbagging, because it appeared to everyone that the Lowes #48 Hendrick owned Jimmie Johnson car was going to pull a 3 in a row win. I discussed my thoughts on Jimmie Johnson winning his third Sprint Cup Championship in a row last week. While Johnson didn't win, he still looks strong, poised to become part of NASCAR history.

As it stands now, we can't count any of the drivers out, not even Greg Biffle.

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