I Miss Dale Earnhardt – What Would He Think now?

I have a statue of Dale Earnhardt on my desk and he looks at everyone who comes into my domain with the same cheshire grin and crossed arms. Sometimes I wonder what he would think about all that has gone on in NASCAR since he left us that fateful day in 2001?

  • Would Dale Earnhardt be impressed with the antics of Kyle Bush?
  • Would Dale Earnhardt be impressed with the really fine way his son has matured?
  • Would Dale Earnhardt have a word or two with Teresa Earnhardt about how she has allowed his race team to almost become insignificant in the sport?

I think Dale Earnhardt would not be impressed, and as it was when he was with us he would not complain about anything. He would take care of what needed to be taken care of, behind the scenes or behind the wheel.

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I Miss Dale Earnhardt - What would he think now?