Jeff Gordon Gets New DuPont Paint Job For 2009 Season

By: Keith Bloemendaal

The new paint scheme will be dubbed "Fire Storm".

The unveiling of the #24 Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports DuPont Chevrolet came on Thurday's edition of the Today Show on NBC. It marks only the 3rd major paint scheme change for the DuPont Team. The design came from renowned motorsports artist Sam Bass who said "“I have been most fortunate to have had the opportunity to design the graphics for the DuPont/Hendrick Motorsports/Jeff Gordon race cars since they entered the NASCAR Cup Series in 1992."

The first time we the fans will officially see "Fire Storm" will be during speed weeks in Daytona. The Hendrick Team holds one of the longest standing sponsor/driver/owner relationships in NASCAR history. Richard Petty and STP come to mind when I think of other long standing relationships with sponsors. Of course, Jeff Gordon is no Richard Petty, but you have to give him credit for being a great driver and champion.

I am not the biggest fan of Jeff Gordon over the years, I don't hate him, just don't particularly root for him on Sunday unless he is somewhere near Kyle Busch! I do, however, like this paint scheme. Having DuPont as the primary sponsor of the Hendrick #24 for the last 16 years, you would think they would have cool paint schemes popping up all the time. This, by far, is the best paint job I have seen on the DuPont car. The flames look good, and I especially like the black background better.

What do you think, better, worse, don't care. Comment below to voice your opinion.

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