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NASCAR Drivers Are Changing Rides, What Do You Do?

So, with big names like Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, and others moving at the end of this season. And names like Dale Jr., and Kyle Busch changing last year, what do the fans do? I think most stay with their drivers and, in turn, must recollect new apparel and memorabilia.

Mark Martin Interview US Army, Fathers Day, Pocono & More on Favorite Teamwear

I WANT TO ASK YOU ABOUT THE PETTY IMPACT ON THE SPORT. WHERE DO YOU THINK THE SPORT WOULD BE IF THE PETTY’S WEREN’T INVOLVED? “You know, Richard Petty was the king of the era that I came in. You know I didn’t know about NASCAR racing prior to Richard. Richard Petty was the guy that I pulled for and he brought the sport you know, to another level based on his popularity and his success, his appeal, the way he handled people set the standard for any kind of sport