Tony Stewart Trashes Home Depot Team Concluding Race at Richmond!

By: Keith Bloemendaal

Tony Stewart is well known for having anger issues on and off the track. Concluding the end of the Chevy Rock and Roll 400 at Richmond International Raceway, Tony lashed out at his team for causing him to lose the race. "Nice job guys, you gave another one away!", were the words all of us watching the race on ESPN heard. "We win together, and we lose together" is what Stewart heard back over the race radio from his crew chief, Greg Zipadelli.

Stewart's Home Depot team didn't necessarily lose the race for him, but failed to get him out in front of Jimmie Johnson on the final pit stop. Tony Stewart pulled onto the pits in 1st, came out in 2nd, and could not get by Jimmie Johnson for the Chevy Rock and Roll 400 win.

Track position at Richmond for the end of the race proved to be how the race was won. As Tony Stewart caught Jimmie Johnson, it proved to be a battle of sponsors with the Lowes Chevrolet leading and the Home Depot Toyota trailing close behind. Tony got under Jimmie Johnson but couldn't seem to make the pass, and the result was Tony Stewart blaming his crew for the loss.

I am sure there are many drivers who take losses out on the crew, especially when the crew consistently makes mistakes, but the Home Depot crew is one that usually does a great job for Tony Stewart.

Since Stewart will be driving for his own team next year with Darian Grubb announced this week as his new crew chief for the #14 Chevrolet, I hope he can lead the team with the same "win together, lose together" mindset that his current crew chief has.

Maybe, Tony should remember that this is a team sport, and the words from crew chief Greg Zipadelli should be taken seriously.

What do you think, was Tony out of line when he blamed the crew for the loss?

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